Train reportedly kills over 50 people while they were watching fireworks

Train reportedly kills 50 people while they were watching fireworks

Free medical services would be offered to those injured when a train crushed those watching a festival from a railway track.

In northern India, over 50 people have been reportedly killed after a train crushed them while they were enjoying the fireworks at a festival.

Those affected in the incident which occurred on Friday, October 19, 2018, include persons standing on a railway track and close to it.

"The train came and it ran over the people who were there. The people were standing on and near the track," CNN gathered from a senior local police official Parbhjot Singh.

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According to CNN free treatment would be offered to those injured in the accident while the families of the deceased are to get 500,000 rupees which is equivalent to N2,473,708.37.

The prime minister of India Narendra Modi is unhappy about the incident and has expressed this on Twitter.


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