Tech: Someone ranked the numbers 1-10 by their popularity on the internet

Dice — which have numbers on them.

Someone ranked the numbers — yes literally. We're not sure why but here they are in ascending order of goodness.

It's been a great year for the number five, apparently. Not so much for nine.

That's right, someone has ranked the numbers.

Research from web analytics company ArgYou measured the frequency of searches for numbers 1-10 on the web and social media in July this year.

Numbers, famously, have myriad uses and significance from shapes to days, PIN codes to phone numbers. The list could, quite literally, go on forever.

There's not really much more to add so, without any further ado, here are the numbers 1-10, ranked in ascending order of popularity.

10. 9

9. 8

8. 7

7. 10

6. 3

5. 6

4. 2

3. 4

2. 5

1. 1

Source: Pluse ng

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