Lifestyle: 10 details you may have missed on the latest episode of 'Riverdale'

The teens dress up for "Gryphons and Gargoyles."

We worked with Archie Comics to find some references and details you may have missed on the flashback episode.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for season three, episode four of "Riverdale," titled "The Midnight Club."

Wednesday night's episode of "Riverdale" flashed back to when the parents were teens and finally revealed the secret they'd been hiding.

Alice tells Betty how "Gryphons and Gargoyles" became a dangerous game and resulted in the death of their principal. But when Betty goes to tell Jughead, she finds him absorbed in the game. This role-playing game is dangerous, and Betty has to figure out how to stop it.

And as always, The CW show included a number of pop culture and comic references. We worked with Archie Comics to find 10 details you may have missed.

The episode is called "The Midnight Club."

Inspired by John Hughes' "The Breakfast Club," the flashback episode shows how the parents all became friends in high school. FP, Sierra, Penelope, Hermione, Alice, and Fred all end up in detention together like the cast of "The Breakfast Club."

Anthony Michael Hall plays Principal Featherhead.

Principal Featherhead was the principal at Riverdale High when the parents were teens and monitored the students in detention.

Hall played Brian Johnson, the "brain," in Hughes' "The Breakfast Club."

The teens make references to some items that may sound familiar.

  • Veronica mentions wanting to make "Fibes 20 Under 20" list, instead of Forbes.
  • Young Hermione wants to get her Gamelad back, instead of Gameboy.
  • Young Hiram gives the teens a drug called Fizzle Rocks. The name is reminiscent of the fizzy candy Pop Rocks.

Some real pop culture references are made.

When Alice starts to tell the story of what happened junior year, she references Winona and Johnny and says that "everything smelled like teen spirit."

Actress Winona Judd started dating actor Johnny Depp in 1989. They were engaged, but ended their relationship in 1993.

Nirvana released the song "Smells Like Teen Spirit" in 1991.

Later, Penelope mentions the movie "Heathers" when she says "cliques don't cross-pollinate." The black comedy came out in 1989 and starred Winona Ryder as Veronica, a girl who's in the popular group at school with girls all named Heather, whose life changes when she meets troublemaker J.D.

Sierra proposes a game of "secrets and sins."

Back on season one, episode 10, Cheryl proposes the same game at Jughead's birthday party and says it's similar to truth or dare.

There's a "Red Circle" comic in the teacher's desk.

Dark Circle Comics, an imprint of Archie Comics known for its superhero comics, was originally named Red Circle Comics.

There's a Bulldogs v. Ravens poster on the wall.

The Riverdale mascot is the bulldog, whereas the raven is the mascot from Baxter High in Greendale, where Sabrina Spellman goes to school.

Fred had a band called The Fred Heads.

The band performs a cover version of "Dream Warriors" by the band Dokken, which was used as the theme song for "A Nightmare on Elm Street 3."

His band name is similar to Deadheads, which is what fans of the band the Grateful Dead are called.

Also, in the comics, Archie has a band called the Archies. He hasn't had a band on the series yet.

There are some similarities between the teens of Riverdale and their parents.

Archie struggles to choose between playing the guitar or playing football, while a young Fred was trying to decide between baseball and his music.

Jughead always wears his crown beanie, and when the adults were dressing up for "Gryphons and Gargoyles" back in their junior year, FP picked a crown.

Penelope tells Josie she's in the "mood for a little chaos." Back on season one, Cheryl says she's in the "mood for chaos."

FP's lover/loser cast is like Eddie's from "IT."

Both of the casts feature "loser" written on it with the "s" covered by a big "v."

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