Kanye West sets up studio in Uganda to prepare for dope 9th album

Kanye West sets up studio in Uganda to prepare for dope 9th album

Big Sean joined Kanye West on a trip to Uganda where he is reportedly working on his 9th studio album "Yandhi".

Kanye West is finally connecting with his roots on a trip to Uganda where he is planning for an exciting 9th studio album to be released on November 23.

The rapper reportedly set up a make-shift studio which is inside a white dome offering a view of beautiful plantation.

XXL News confirms Ye to be listening to music "with two local artists" while he was in the improvised boot.


West reportedly hinted on a visit to Africa to be in touch with his origin. According to XXL, this was inspired by "his viral trip back home to Chicago". He is confident his next album "Yandhi" will be a good one.

"The album is so good. I’m incorporating sounds you’ve never heard before and pushing concepts that people don’t talk about.

"We have concepts about body shaming, and women being looked down upon because of how many people they’ve slept with."

Caught up in the chemistry between Mystro and Wizkid

To truly connect with the motherland, Kanye West is consuming some local content in music. So far he has been impressed.

The rapper bobbed his head for a minute when listening to Mystro's 'Immediately' jam with Wizkid. He seemed in a state of heightened emotion as he danced without a care.


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According to TMZ, Ye arrived at Entebee International Airport on Friday, October 12, 2018 with a huge entourage.

He is going to be staying for a week at a five-star luxury resort says TMZ.

Big Sean who is also on the trip is reportedly collaborating with Big Sean. In Uganda Kanye West is taking care of music business and his family.

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