Burna Boy Accused for armed robbery, gets N100,000 bail

Popular dancehall artiste, Damini Ogulu, who goes by the alias Burna Boy, was on Monday arraigned before an Ikeja Chief Magistrates’ Court for allegedly being an accessory to armed robbery.

The prosecution alleged that Burna Boy connived with others to rob another musician, one Mr Abiye Jimbo popularly known as Mr 2kay, in his room at the Eko Hotels and Suites.

He pleaded not guilty to a two-count of conspiracy and accessory to armed robbery.

The prosecution, led by Insp. Peter Nwangwu, alleged that Burna Boy committed the offence on October 24 at 11.20pm, alongside others who are now at large.

Nwangwu said that the dancehall artiste conspired with his accomplices to commit the offences and also did not disclose information of the said attack to security agents.

“This is in contravention of Sections 411 and 415 of the Criminal Law of Lagos 2011,” Nwangwu said.

A three-man gang had allegedly robbed Mr 2kay in his hotel room.

The instructions to rob Mr 2kay, according to the prosecution, were allegedly given to them through Burna Boy’s road manager, Joel Kantiock.

The Chief Magistrate, Mrs Y. O Aje Afunwa granted the musician bail in the sum of N100,000, with two sureties in like sum.

She adjourned the case till Dec. 29 for hearing.

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Breach between Kiss Daniel, G-Worldwide Get Enhance.

For lovers of intrigues and drama, this may well be the perfect opportunity to indulge in their hobbies. It is no longer news that trouble is brewing betweenYeba singer, Kiss Daniel, and his record label, G-Worldwide Entertainment. The latter has been dragged to court and he was reportedly ordered to stop recording new songs, performing at events, and even using the name ‘Kiss Daniel’ without the express permission of the label. On his part, Daniel has feigned ignorance of the court order, saying that such a document only exists in the company’s imagination.

However, in an exclusive chat with Kiss Daniel’s former manager, Louiza Williams, she painted a clearer picture of the crisis. She said, “It is not true that he is unaware of the court order. Court officials went to his house to serve him the documents but he avoided them. When he was told by his gateman that he had visitors, he said he was coming out to see them. But when he discovered they were from the court, he refused to come out, and rather sent someone to collect the papers on his behalf. Meanwhile, the court official had been specifically instructed to make sure the documents were received by Kiss Daniel himself. Kiss managed to dodge receiving the court papers; probably because he was afraid he would be arrested. They are trying to do damage control and cause confusion to divert attention from the real issue. How can the Federal High Court lie? I would just advise them to respond to the court suit, and on January 9, 2018, Kiss Daniel has to be in court for the hearing.”

Speaking further, she said, “He had been taking bookings from behind but because of the court orders that we made public, most of the clients are now panicking. They have been putting pressure on him to refund their monies. Many of them have also been calling us.”

Hinting on what would happen if Kiss ignored the court order and continued releasing songs and performing at shows, Williams said, “Even if he goes ahead to release an album or fails to maintain the status quo like the court ordered, we wouldn’t take laws into our hands. But that would be against the court order and you know what that means. We would only need to provide a proof that he indeed disobeyed the court’s order.”

Speaking on what right G-Worldwide has to tell Kiss Daniel to stop using the name he is famously known as, Louiza said, “I cannot really speak on the origin of the name but what matters is the contract he signed. Personally, I don’t like reading artistes’ contracts because I believe it is between the individual, their lawyers and the record label. I don’t like to be privy to the contracts because I am not a biased person. Irrespective of the relationship between me and the artiste, once I notice that there is a breach of contract, I would speak out. However, I am sure that whatever the label is doing now is based on the contract that was signed between both parties. If he did not sign away the right to whatever name, then the label wouldn’t ask him to stop using it. Though I have been told he actually signed something to that effect.”

Meanwhile, calls put across to Kiss Daniel’s Flyboy Inc were unanswered as of the time of filing this report.

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Why I’m Really Disappointed In MI –Vector

Olanrewaju Ogunmefun, aka Vector tha Viper, may look like a gentleman but he is not afraid of confrontations. And he has shown that in the past.

When Nigerian rapper, Jude Abaga, popularly known as M.I, recently released a song, You Rappers Should Fix Up Your Lives, which didn’t project Nigerian rappers in a good light, Vector wasn’t happy about it.

In the three and a half minute song, MI criticised all rappers in Nigeria, saying they were not as good as South African rappers.

In an encounter with Sunday Scoop, Vector said he was disappointed with MI because he felt there were better ways he could have addressed the issue rather than going public and comparing Nigerian rappers with South African rappers.

He explained, “No matter how much your parents flog you, they will not tell outsiders that you are a stupid child. He doesn’t have to say it openly that SA rappers are ‘killing’ Nigerian rappers. I have never said this before, but the simple truth is that we shouldn’t wash our dirty linen in public. It is fine to discipline people at home and I support that. If your children mess up, you can discipline them.

“When Jay-Z released the Death of Auto-Tune, he addressed everyone and said they should all go back to rap music. He didn’t say a group of rappers is doing better than one group. I didn’t like the fact that he called out Nigerian rappers openly and was comparing us with SA rappers.”

On why he has not collaborated with MI on a song all these years, he said it was just unfortunate that whenever they wanted to work together, something always came up

“We tried to work together on two different occasions, but it just didn’t happen. The first time was when he sent a beat to me to work on and he was supposed to be on the remix of my song, King Kong. Classiq later took his verse and did very well. We can still do something together later in the future. It is music; it is nothing serious,” he noted.

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Reason MANY actors, actresses attend white-garment CHURCHES – ACTRESS Adesegha

Nollywood actress, Adediwura Adesegha, also known as ‘Blarkgold’ has revealed why many actors and actresses attend white-garment churches.

She said most of the actors like churches where they would be told what becomes of them tomorrow.

The dark-skinned actress said many Yoruba actors, especially the females, prefer attending Celestial churches to get visions.

She told Vanguard, “You know people love it when they tell them visions about themselves. I think that may be the reason they attend Celestial churches.

“I might be wrong though. You know the Yorubas believe in the power of the spiritual. Some actresses were born into the Celestial church while some joined.”

She added, “Spirituality has nothing to do with your mode of dressing. It has to do with your heart.

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The fans of bubbly actress, Halima Abubakar, were deeply worried when pictures of her looking emaciated with her head shaved clean surfaced on the Internet earlier in the year. The pictures were accompanied with dire rumours, with some saying Abubakar was battling with cancer. However, the actress later confirmed to Sunday Scoop that she was only suffering from complications of a fibroid removal surgery she had earlier.

Thankfully, it seems the worst of the storm is over for Halima and she is back to her bubbly self. In an exclusive chat with Sunday Scoop, she stated that she had resumed work. “I am back on set fully. As a matter of fact, I am currently in Accra where I went to work with Pascal Amanfo. I was on set with Mercy Johnson and some other actors,” she said.

Speaking on what her experience on the sickbed taught her, the Kogi State-born actress said, “I learnt that I am loved and supported. I was overwhelmed by the outpour of love and encouragement from friends, family and fans. It really made me feel appreciated. I am grateful to everybody who showed me love and I want them to know that I love them too.”

Advising fellow entertainers to prioritise their health, she said, “All I have to say is, take care of yourself. Don’t joke with anything or take things for granted, even if it’s a headache or cold. Treat it immediately.”

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Lindsay Lohan and Camila Cabellowere Taylor Swift ‘s No. 1 fans at Jingle Ball in New York City!

 No. 1 fans Of Lindsay Logan and Camila Cabellowere Taylor Swift at single ball in new York city!

The actress and singer were both dancing along to Taylor’s song “Shake It Off” while in the crowd at the Madison Square Garden show on Friday evening. After dominating the Jingle Ball stage herself, Camila shared videos from Taylor’s performance on Snapchat. From the posts, it’s clear that she couldn’t have been more excited to see her friend perform.

“I cried,” Camila captioned one video post.

Lindsay posted about her night at the show on Instagram Story. Before watching Taylor’s performance, she took a photo backstage with Ed Sheeran, who later took the stage to perform “End Game” with the singer.

“Love you @taylorswift,” Lindsay wrote on one video post of Taylor.

Lindsay also took to Twitter Saturday afternoon to send her love to T.Swift and to post an awesome video from the performance.

In the social media video we see Lindsay right next to the stage at Jingle Ball, dancing alongside Taylor as she sang her hit song.

Before hitting the stage, Taylor was introduced by Katie Holmes and her daughter Suri Cruise. After her performance, Swift was spotted leaving the show with boyfriend Joe Alwyn.

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Why i said acting does not pay much – Uti nwachukwu

Winner of Big Brother Africa (BBA) All Stars edition, Uti Nwachukwu, has said that beyond the glitx and glamour of appearing on screen, acting does not pay much.

He said this while explaining, during an interview with Punch newspaper, the reason he no longer appears in Nigerian movies

He said: “I haven’t been in the country, but I am back now. I took a break from acting because it doesn’t pay much and I am not ready for that kind of life.

“I don’t want to pretend about it; so, I am only focusing on what brings greater remuneration, which is television presenting and hosting of events.

“Acting would just be a hobby because honestly, producers can’t afford to pay what I want to earn. But I will not stay away from movies totally; I will pick only exceptional movies instead of featuring in all the ones I am invited to partake in. I don’t have so much time for little money. I am not here to pretend all is well. I am in the industry to make money; I am not in the industry to play.”

Uti Nwachukwu also dismissed claims that he didn’t attend Yomi Casual’s wedding.

According to him, he did show up at the ceremony but spent only a short period because he had other things to attend to.

About why he’s not married yet, Uti said he was not in a rush to do so.

“I will marry at the right time and marriage is not a competition. Once I find the right person, nothing will prevent me from getting married. I am an adult and my parents are educated. Therefore, they can’t force me to get married,” he added.

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Daddy Freeze Blast Nigerian Pastors Again

Controversial media personality, Ifedayo Olarinde, popularly called Freeze, has lashed out at Nigerian pastors over their silence on the ongoing alleged slave trade in Libya.
Freeze condemned pastors for maintaining sealed lips on matter while celebrities raised their voices against the inhumane act.
According to him, the private jets owned by pastors can be used to repatriate Nigerians, but they only call for tithe and offerings and not doing the needful.
He wrote on his Instagram page, “A minor attack on tithing and almost every pastor comes out to defend it.
“A major attack on humanity and up until now I’m waiting for the first pastor to stand in condemnation, or put their resources together and make that difference.
“One GO, they say owns 4 private jets, imagine how many of our brothers that could help bring home. If they could use church jets to buy ammunition, why can’t they use them to bring home our brothers?
“Or are they implying that the lives of our brothers are worth much less than the guns that will kill them?
“Celebrities are coming out to speak and stand up for our brothers, WHERE ARE OUR PASTORS??? Are they too busy advertising their next concert, or are they so preoccupied with filling their event centers this Sunday, that they can’t take a few minutes off practicing the speeches that will ginger 10 people to bring out =N=1Billion each, to remember the plight of the very brothers Jesus admonished us to keep?
“Could the demeanor of these pastors be attributed to the fact that the refugees don’t have tithe cards?
“I thank the federal government for rising to the occasion and bringing home our brothers, some returned tonight, as reported by captain @usoroessien.
“It’s a damn shame to us all, if the government proves more caring and compassionate that the so called ‘house of God’.
Lets remember, true Christianity is about love, NOT MONEY!

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Why My house was like a brothel after my wife died – Actor, Jide Kosoko


Veteran Nollywood actor, Prince Jide Kosoko, has stated that being a polygamist was not his destiny, adding that he was not supposed to be married to many women judging by his upbringing.

The actor said following the death of his wife, Henrietta, he was forced to remarry because his house was gradually turning into a brothel.

Speaking with Punch, the comic actor said as a human being, he felt bad when some persons accused him of using his wives for money rituals.

He said God is currently handling Kemi Olunloyo and others, who tried to rubbish his name.

The script interpreter said, “I have been blackmailed many times, but I sailed through.

“They have called me a ‘ritualist’ before, which means I am a murderer.

“Initially, as a human being, I felt bad. But my skin is too thick for all that rubbish. Instead of feeling bad, I will go on my knees and pray to God to give His judgment.

“And I always see these people get their judgment. I don’t want to mention names. I don’t know anything about what is happening to Kemi Olunloyo and I don’t follow her on social media. Apart from her, there are other people who have rubbished my name in the past

“Becoming a polygamist wasn’t my design. With my upbringing, I am not supposed to be a polygamist.

“Though my father was a polygamist, he didn’t marry the number of women I have married.

“My first wife, Sola’s mother, was working with the Nigerian Customs Service. She was not involved in my industry and then I would travel for two months.

“So, I was tempted to take a second wife . But unfortunately for me , in the circumstances I cannot explain till today, I lost two wives within a year.

“You can imagine that! So, I decided not to remarry again, though I had girlfriends; I was a ladies ’ man.
“Two of my girlfriends were very close to the house and my friends too would come with their girlfriends.

“So, we were almost turning the house into a brothel. Later, my doctor, a lady, visited me and advised me to remarry.

“She said it was the best for me, insisting that I was too young to be without a woman. I lost my two wives in 1992 and 1993 respectively, and I was not up to 40 then.

“I agreed to take a wife in the long run, but I had two women who were intimate with me – Henrietta and Alhaja Bimbo. Since I couldn’t say no to either of them, I married two wives again.”

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South Africa’s Nel-Peters Crowned Miss Universe 2017

Miss South Africa, Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters has been crowned Miss Universe 2017.
Nel-Peters 22, beat out first runner-up, Miss Colombia – Laura González and second runner-up, Miss Jamaica – Davina Bennett for the crown on Sunday night in Las Vegas, United States of America.

Stephanie Abasi, who represented Nigeria was not among the top 13 finalists for the night.
The competition’s top 13 finalists were Thailand, Sri Lanka, Ghana, Spain, Ireland, Croatia, Great Britain, USA, Brazil, Canada, Philippines, Venezuela and China.

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Why I Fell At AFRIMA – Seyi Shay

Nigerian singer, Seyi Shay, who was the centre of attention at this year’s All Africa Music Awards after falling on stage while performing has spoken about the incident.
Speaking with the Punch, the singer said she was so bitter with everyone after the show but took it as a blessing in disguise.

According to her, she would consider her costume henceforth adding that the fall became an inspiration for a new song.
She said, “At backstage, I was blaming everyone. I blamed my stylist, the designer, and my manager. I even blamed the stage. But the truth is that what is meant to be will be. I think with every lesson, there is a blessing.
“I knew that when I got off the stage and opened my phone, there would be so much talk about my fall. Like I expected, by the time I got to my room, Instablog9jaalready had 40,000 views.
“I guess the fall just brought out the best in me. It made me realise that I wasn’t invincible. Since I knew that it was a live show, watched by everyone across the globe, I couldn’t embarrass my country. I had no choice but to get up and finish the show.

“It was the dress I wore that caused the fall, but most people didn’t know that. I stepped on it and the material dragged me down. I will be 100 per cent careful when considering my costume going forward.
“The title of my new song is The Fall, and it has to do with the AFRIMA’s experience. I plan to drop the song next month. Sometimes, when misfortune happens, you have to look at the positive side and all the opportunities in it to turn the misfortune into fortune. That’s what we are doing right now.”
She added that the AFRIMA’s experience was the first time she would be experiencing such an embarrassing moment.
“You know everybody has a first time. Wizkid, Davido and even Beyonce have suffered similar fate in the past. She fell from the stage. Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez have fallen on stage as well.

“So, when you think about all these stars and their experiences, you will realise that you are not different from them and you are not immune to mistakes as well. I see my fall as a very humbling moment of my life,” she added.

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Funke Akindele denies delivering twins in London

Popular Nollywood actress-cum-filmmaker, Funke Akindele-Bello has denied reports that she gave birth to twins in a London hospital.
The news of her alleged delivery went viral on social media during the week after the heavily pregnant actress, famously known as Jenifa left Nigeria on Wednesday, for the United Kingdom.

Speaking with Encomium on Friday, the actress described the report as figment of people’s imagination, adding that everyone would know when she puts to bed.
She said “Don’t mind those people. They’re only imagining. You can not hide a pregnancy for long. And when you deliver, people must surely know.
“So, delivering a set of twins in London is not something one can hide at all.”

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Banky W, Adesua Tie Knot In Destination Wedding ( SA)

​Celebrity Couple, Bankole Wellington a.k.a Banky W and Adesuwa Etomi have taken the final leg of their wedding to Cape Town, South Africa after they shut down Lagos last weekend with the festivities of their traditional marriage.

The couple jetted out with their close friends and family earlier in the week and have kept fans seriously anticipating the final event with their posts on social media.
They got legally married on Monday, a day after the traditional wedding at an undisclosed location in Lagos.
Tagged #BAAD2017, the wedding has created much buzz on social media and has been labeled ‘wedding of the year’.
It had in attendance friends and colleagues including Tunde Demuren, Toolz, Linda Ejiofor, Ebuka, among others.
While many have continued to beam with excitement for the couple, some have also taken time to advise them to keep their affairs more private, after their big day today.

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Davido releases a new record, “Like Dat”

Afro-pop artiste, Davido Adeleke, popularly known as Davido, is ending the year on a high note with the release of a new cut titled, “Like Dat”.
The singer, unfazed by the controversy over the death of his friend, Tagbo, bounced back with a new single produced by Shizzi. The single was accompanied by visuals directed by DAPS.
Davido seamlessly flows on the mid-tempo rhythm as he harmoniously reveals his life of luxury.
“Emi Omo Olowo, Anywhere money de me I go to” he said in a usual fashion he is known for.
Just recently, the DMW boss released a track which quickly went viral titled “FIA”. Many had assumed he was done for the year but apparently, the new single counters the assumption.
Davido recently scored a big one at the just concluded 2017 MTV EMAs as he edged out his Nigerian counterpart, Wizkid to take home the highly coveted “Best African Act” and “Worldwide Act Winner (Nigeria)”.

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JAMB postpones sale of 2018 application forms indefinitely!

the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board, (JAMB) said it has postponed the sale of its 2018 application forms for intending candidates. The Board disclosed this in a statement, signed by its Head of Media, Fabian Benjamin in Abuja.

According Benjamin the sale of the application documents, which was scheduled to start on November 22, 2017 suffered delay due to the publishers’ inability to print the 1.8 million copies of the forms before the deadline.

“This postponement was due to the delay in meeting agreed deadline by the publisher of the Compulsory Reading Text meant for prospective candidates for the 2018 UTME. The publisher had promised to deliver all the texts for the 2018 candidates on or before November 7 but as at close of work today, the publisher has not provided the 1.8m copies required. This development has painfully, forced the Board to shift the date from Wednesday, November 22 to a date to be announced soon” Benjamin said.

He went on to say the Board would work round the clock to ensure a new date is announced soon while urging intending applicants to visit the board’s website and familiarise themselves with the application procedures.

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